sanitary heat exchanger

MBS srl was founded in 1995 after two years of research on the effects of the corrugation of the tubes in heat exchange in collaboration with several Italian universities.

This made it possible the design of a calculation program on our profiles and depth of corrugation.

After the first experiences and findings, which determined the reliability of the calculation parameters, the company was formed and began the development of the commercial network.

Some of our heat exchangers:



Sectors and application areas of the heat exchangers:



Each MBS heat exchanger is accompanied by complete technical documentation necessary to quickly and easily identify any problems which may occur and find an immediate answer.

Depending on the heat exchanger and of the work to be performed, the heat exchanger is sized through a calculation program of our property that takes into account our profiles and the depth of the corrugation carried out on the tubes.

Once dimensioned the heat exchanger the technical department proceeds to completion of the construction drawing bearing in mind the main sector regulations.

Extreme attention to detail, and realizations as a function of the targeted sectors.

•    Corrugation •    Satin •    Edging •    Welding •    Refinement •    Boring •    Polishing •    Test

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